Where Shopping is an Adventure!

Dive into a carnival atmosphere of elephant ears, polish sausages, burgers, corn dogs and live music, and you will find everything from carpet and furniture to collector items and used golf balls. There are kayaks and exotic birds, fresh seafood and produce, footwear and sporting goods, luggage and sunglasses, jewelry and antique tools — the list is endless. One nice couple from Minnesota got lost somewhere around the electric guitars and weren’t found until three weeks later! Fresh produce and baked goods? Got it. Underwear and socks? Got it. Watches, scooters, electronic potato peelers, dollar items by the thousands? The Oldsmar Flea Market has it all.

Join us any Saturday or Sunday between 9 and 4 or Fridays from 10 to 3 to find coins, paintings, golf clubs, DVDs, books, window tinting, jewelry repair, spices, pest control products, trophies, blue jeans, glasses, bikes, lamps, radios, custom signs, candy, smoking accessories, video games, mirrors, picture frames, batteries, TVs, computers, nails and waxing, tattoos, glass etching, tropical plants…did I leave anything out? Only the other three quarters of the market. Come see for yourself – free admission!